The Residential network Latitude/longitude targeting lets you optimize your performance and data quality by defining a precise geographic area for your requests.

How to Use latitude/longitude Targeting:

  1. Enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of your desired location. These coordinates serve as the focal point for your targeting request.
    • Latitude (float): -90 to 90
    • Longitude (float): -180 to 180
  2. Define the distance in km (integer > 0) of the radius around your specified coordinates within which you want to target your request. Requests are directed exclusively to peers within this geographical area.

Here’s an example: 

    • Latitude -55.45
      • Longitude 37.51
      • Distance 10 (km)
curl "" \
	--proxy \
	--proxy-user brd-customer-<CUSTOMER_ID>-zone-<ZONE_NAME>-geo_dim-55.45_37.51_10:<ZONE_PASSWORD>