We are introducing a new data staging process, enabling both developers and owners to verify and approve datasets before delivery.

The system will facilitate error handling, validation checks, and customization, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

It will help everyone save time, reduce the number of open tickets, and keep the needed level of quality to maintain the level of quality we want.


How does it work?

Once the dataset snapshot is ready, we run its validation tests.

The customer will get the dataset snapshot with an indication on the CP that all test was passed.

Once the customer approves, the snapshot goes to the delivery phase.

The validation tests

Main components and functionality


When clicking on the specific snapshot to review it

Communications and notifications

Status changes and additional notifications will be presented to you as a megaphone on the CP.

Tickets and bugs

Now, once we introduce the staging process, fixing a collector is not the end of the bug/issue

The process consists of two steps:

  1. Fix the collector
  2. Fix the snapshot

Hence, the bug processing workflow will be amended to align with the new 2-step process.

Tickets related to validation issues should not be allowed to be marked as “resolved” before the snapshot is delivered to the dataset owner!

Changes to the flow:

We are removing the “Resolve” button from the option on the ticket