To install the SSL certificate, kindly proceed with the following two-step guide:

  1. Download
  2. Installation

How to download the SSL certificate?

  • Click with the right mouse button on this link
  • In the opened list, select “save as”
  • In the opened window, click the “Save” button


Installation of the SSL certificate

Please go ahead and install it as described below in your preferred browser.
If you run custom code, then you can either:

  • Ignore SSL errors on your side by setting a relevant flag in the code
  • Add our certificate as a trusted CA. The instructions below
  • Once you’ve download the certificate file (see the instruction on the top of this article)

How to ignore SSL errors?

In some cases you will need to install our certificate or ignore SSL errors in order to get access to specific products or features. In case you are not interested in installing our certificate, you can ignore SSL errors. Check out the following code snippets for different programming languages, the highlighted part is what needs to be added to your code in order to ignore SSL errors.

# Add -k to ignore ssl errors
curl --proxy \
  --proxy-user brd-customer-ACCOUNT_ID-zone-ZONE_NAME:YOUR_ZONE_PASS \
  -k ""

How does SSL analyzing works?

Some features require the Proxy Manager to have access to HTTPS traffic. This can be done by enabling the SSL Analyzing option on the proxy port configuration page.

Once you allow Proxy Manager to terminate the SSL you will also need to trust Bright Data Certificate Authority (CA).

Under the hood Proxy Manager will create a secure encrypted HTTPS connection with the target site, decrypt the traffic to log requests and run rules based on your settings and then pass the response back to your client in an encrypted HTTPS connection with a certificate signed by our CA certificate.