Premium Domains

Some domains are more challenging to unblock than others, so we offer a separate premium pricing tier for these domains. Once enabled, the premium price will be reflected in the “Estimated cost” section. 

Even after enabled, only specific requests to these domains will be priced differently. Requests to other domains will be kept at the default lower tier.

Geolocation targeting

Since your IPs are automatically allocated, it is recommended to set up a separate ISP proxy, for each geolocation you wish to target.

Geolocation targeting allows you to target specific Country. Select the prefered country from the drop-down menu.

Geolocation Targeting

Advanced options

Asynchronous requests

Requests are handled seamlessly in the background, allowing for you to collect responses at a later more convenient time via a designated endpoint, increasing stability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Whitelist our webhook IPs

Our asynchronous webhooks delivery sends notifications from a pair of stable IP addresses:


Customers may need to whitelist these IPs on their side.

Custom Headers & Cookies

Override automated headers and send your own optimized headers in order to target specific version of a website.

These are the changes that occur once you allow Custom Headers & Cookies

Allow custom Headers & Cookies

  1. Access Your Control Panel: Log in to your Bright Data control panel.
  2. Select Your Zone: Choose the specific zone where you want to enable this feature.
  3. Enable the Feature: Under Advanced Options, find and activate the ‘Custom headers & cookies’ permission within the zone settings.

Control Over Auto-Throttling

Web Unlocker includes an auto-throttling mechanism designed to maintain efficient scraping and performance. This system operates as follows:

The system automatically searches for and implements better-performing configurations.