Here’s an example of the most simple Web Unlocker request using cURL that returns a JSON:

curl "" --proxy --proxy-user brd-customer-<customer_id>-zone-<zone_name>:<zone_password>

You can find your API credentials including Username (Customer_ID), Zone name, and Password, within your proxy zone’s ‘Access parameters’ tab.

brd.superproxy.ioAddress of our load balancer that will find the fastest Super Proxy for your request
22225Infrastructure port of our Super Proxies that is used to receive your requests
-user brd-customer-<customer_id>-zone-<zone_name> Username authentication. In its most basic form, it defines your username and what zone you will use for your request. 
<zone_password> Zone password. All zones have passwords that are used for authentication with your target domain. This is just a placeholder that goes to our server for testing purposes.

For an in-depth interactive display of all the API use cases, integrations, and preferences, please see our API examples page.

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