We are thrilled to introduce a new product Web scraper API, which is designed to simplify and enrich your data acquisition process. This new service allows for a more robust and streamlined way to collect data and facilitating more effective dataset generation according to your specific needs.


Initiate a scrape

  1. Choose the target website from our variety of API’s offering
  2. Select if to deliver by webhook
    a. Select your preferred file format (JSON, NDJASON, JSON lines, CSV)
    b. Set your webhook URL and Authorization header if needed
    c. Test webhook to validate operation runs successfully
    d. Copy the code and run it.

Additional Services

Monitor Progress

Check your data collection status with this API. It should return “collecting” while gathering data, “digesting” when processing, and “ready” when available.


Retrieve Data

Download your snapshot once ready. Alternatively, set up automatic uploads to a specified location.