Scraping Browser is one of our proxy-unlocking solutions and is designed to help you easily focus on your multi-step data collection from browsers while we take care of the full proxy and unblocking infrastructure for you, including CAPTCHA solving.

You can now easily access and navigate target websites via browsing libraries such as puppeteer, playwright, and selenium (see our full list here) and interact with your target site’s HTML in a multi-step manner to extract the data you need.

Behind the scenes, our Scraping Browser solution incorporates our complete proxy infrastructure along with our dynamic unlocking capabilities to get you the exact data you need wherever it may be.

Best for

  • Puppeteer, playwright, and selenium integration
  • Navigating through a website, clicking buttons, scrolling to load a full page, hovering, solving CAPTCHAs, and more
  • Teams that don’t have a reliable browser unblocking infrastructure in-house