Quick Start with Immediate Access

Bright Data allows its clients to immediately use their entire residential network within the framework of our Terms of Service.

When creating a Residential network zone for the first time on the ‘My Proxies Page’, after you click on “Add Proxy”, you will be displayed with the following message to install our certificate:

Install our certificate

Installing our certificate is required to prevent misuse of the Residential Network. Once the certificate is installed, preventing such misuse can be done automatically - Doing so allows us to provide immediate access to the residential network without any verification process, and still remain compliant with our terms of service.

Installing the certificate can be done using the displayed instructions.

Don’t want to install the certification?

Check out our proceed without certification or go to KYC verification Bright Data will have access to traffic usage, i.e. web pages visited, time spent on those pages, access times, and dates. Bright Data will save this information for a limited amount of time in order to fix any performance issues that may occur and allow our compliance team to verify the proxy usage is in accordance with our ethical guidelines.

Bright Data will not share this information with third parties, excluding scenarios where it is required in order to comply with applicable law. Learn more about our privacy policy.

robots.txt in Immediate Access Residential

To align with our commitment to respectful and compliant web resource usage, our Residential Proxy Immediate Access mode adheres to robots.txt directives, applying its logic across our different proxy networks. Upon opting into the Immediate Access mode, the operational behavior adjusts based on robots.txt compliance and the user’s KYC status:

When an endpoint is accessible according to robots.txt, the service operates normally within the user’s selected proxy network, whether that’s Residential, Mobile, Datacenter or ISP.

If an endpoint is blocked by robots.txt rules, or the request type is one of POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE, such requests will be blocked.

For getting full Residential access please follow our KYC Verification process.

KYC Verification

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process for every customer wishing to obtain full access to his Residential proxy without installing SSL certification, and access sites not already pre-approved by our compliance team. When submitting your KYC, you’ll be asked to present and clarify your use case in order to target those sites with the Residential proxy network.

At any point, a KYC can be submitted by choosing the “Full access requires identity verification” option.

Full access requires identity verification

If you wish to go back for the SSL certification option got to Basic Information and click on “installing our certificate”:

installing our certificate

Accessing a domain, which is not included in your approved use case, will result in the following error message

x-luminati-Error:Access denied: {Domain} access was blocked as it might breach Bright Data usage policy.

Contact compliance@brightdata.com or your Account Manager for further assistance