The Bright Data Residential proxy network is one of our proxy network solutions and is a network of 72+ million IPs from 195+ countries all around the world.

Our vast pool of Residential IPs is made up of real people who opt-in and are rewarded in exchange for lending their IP to our network, allowing you to target sophisticated, hard-to-reach websites with local IPs from the target area, which helps you view or collect relevant data as a real person would.

Best for

  • Browsing sophisticated target websites as a real user
  • Business intelligence, competitor analysis, and Ads verification
  • If you’re getting low success rates or blocked altogether when using our Datacenter or ISP proxy network

If you need a more advanced proxy unblocking solution that tackles additional blocking challenges, such as site-specific headers, cookies, CAPTCHAs, etc, try out our Web Unlocker or check out our other proxy products.