IP type

Choose one of two IP types for your proxy zone:

Number of IPs

Number of IPs to be allocated as your pool of available IPs.

Be aware increasing the number adds additional cost.

Allocated IPs

You can view or download the IPs allocated to you.

Geolocation Targeting

Geolocation targeting

Since your IPs are automatically allocated, it is recommended to set up a separate Datacenter proxy, for each geolocation you wish to target.

Geolocation targeting allows you to target specific Country. Select the prefered country from the drop-down menu.

Geolocation Targeting

Cache proxy

Bright Data’s cache proxy is a feature that aims to reduce the unneeded load from target sites by allowing customers to have their successful results cached on the one hand and, on the other hand, to receive cached results to their requests when possible.

Enable Cache Proxy

Simply toggle the cache proxy switch

Cache Proxy

Once switched on, we will walk you through some instructions required for the cache proxy to work.

You have two options to select from:

Advanced options:

100% uptime

The 100% uptime brings immediate value by providing 100% connectivity and continuous high-performance level, free of charge. Plus you don’t have to make any changes in your code/workflow.

If our system detects a problem, like a connectivity issue or an IP where the GEO isn’t exactly what you asked for when buying that IP, we will automatically route your requests through other IPs which are exactly the same as the original IPs.

Enable 100% uptime

Simply toggle the 100% uptime switch

100% uptime
You can also turn on/off 100% uptime feature via the API.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can make your zone unlimited bandwidth by select Unlimited bandwidth in the zone details.

Enabling Unlimited Bandwidth adds addtional cost.
Unlimited Bandwidth


Ports 80 and 443 are available by default, supporting HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The below table shows supported protocols by port: