Bright Data’s Datacenter proxy network is one of our proxy network solutions and is a network with over 1.6 million IP addresses from 98+ countries.

Datacenter proxies are IPs assigned from a datacenter server, and your traffic is routed through them to help you access IPs and locations around the world. With a shorter journey & simplified architecture, Datacenter Proxies are both the fastest proxy type and the most cost-effective option.

Best for

  • Accessing websites that are not using sophisticated blocking methods
  • When you need the most cost-efficient proxy network
  • When you need the fastest proxy network available
  • Managing multiple online profiles

If you need a more sophisticated proxy network, with better success rate capabilities, you may want to consider using our ISP or  Residential proxy network. For a more advanced, fully managed, proxy unblocking solution, we would suggest trying out our Web Unlocker or browsing our other proxy solutions.